Gumroad Modular Anatomy

Hey guys! I would like to share my first Gumroad Tutorial called Modular Anatomy. I've always struggled using low subdivision meshes in my personal and production workflow, so I decided to create a Male base mesh cut into different subtools and different polygroups for easy selecting and sculpting. On the tutorial you will find 2 videos explaining how the Modular anatomy works, one ZTL file with the T-pose of the male model, a posed version with all the subtools and a Dynamesh version to see the end results.
For advanced and medium level Zbrush artists I hope this 3D model can be useful.
Here I will share some images of the project!
And here is the link to my Gumroad page :) Thanks!

Carlos cruz marketing01
Carlos cruz subtools01
Carlos cruz subgroups
Carlos cruz teeth01
Carlos cruz posedsubgroups
Carlos cruz tposezbrush
Carlos cruz posedzbrush
Carlos cruz poseddynamesh