Modular Anatomy Female

Hey guys! I would like to share my second Gumroad Tutorial Female Modular Anatomy.
On the tutorial you will find 2 videos, one explaining a little bit the breakdown of how I achieve the pose of the model with some Tips to consider in order to display the anatomy sculpture and the speed posing where you can see how Modular anatomy helps me again to achieve the pose. There are three ZTL files, with the model in T-pose, a posed version with all the subtools and a Dynamesh version to see the end results.
For advanced and medium level Zbrush artists I hope this 3D model can be useful.
Here I will share some images of the project!
There is a Bundle pack, that includes both Female and Male anatomy.
Here is the link to my Gumroad page :) Thanks!

Carlos cruz 02
Carlos cruz 01
Carlos cruz 03
Carlos cruz 04
Carlos cruz 05
Carlos cruz 06